Here’s what Acrojet customers say:

“As jet pilots, we live in a regime that must be constantly repeatable. A performance equivalent in our training regime is equally important. Thus when selecting an Upset Training Program, we looked for a program this is jet based, and performance relatable. Having just completed this course, I can say with absolute clarity, the training is valuable and necessary. In the unlikely event of a real jet upset, the skill sets practiced in the L39 are repeatable, and without question far superior to any simulator training on offer. One realizes that all the ‘synthetic’ training we have been proud of over the years simply cannot replicate this experience. All our crew felt this was beyond excellent training.

We may never suffer a jet upset, but this training program truly prepares us for that unlikely event. And when one considers what we as pilots do, this is the level of preparedness that all crew should train for. With personal thanks to Captain Pete Fleischmann and team and their L39 at Acrojet for an excellent course, personal instruction and one of the best training events I have experienced.”

J. , Challenger 604 Captain

“As soon as I was done with this training, I realized that more pilots needed this experience. Never would I have expected such enlightenment after 3 years of flying Saabs, over a decade of experience as a 757/767 captain, and now corporate Challenger captain!

Without letting the cat out of the bag as to their techniques, I now feel truly confident, if confronted with an aircraft upset.  I’m blown away as to how easy it is. The trick is getting in an aircraft and actually doing it!!

G., Challenger 604 Captain