You’re already a good pilot.

Acrojet Upset Training gives you another tool for your toolbox.

Realistic training, not simulation.

Real world upset recovery training is critical to survival. In the Acrojet L-39 you’ll experience what no simulator can simulate. You’ll feel the g’s, experience the ground rush and get light in the seat. You’ll train through these distractions using stick and rudder skills to safely recognize and recover from an upset in a safe, controlled environment with an experienced instructor. No prior aerobatic experience is required.

The Acrojet upset recovery training program is based on the same proven system used to train USAF and NATO pilots while incorporating the best practices and recommendations of the Upset Recovery Industry Team (URIT), a group comprised of over three dozen airlines, aircraft manufacturers, training organizations, and government agencies.

You’ll receive comprehensive, interactive instructor led academics to ensure you have a firm grasp on the critical concepts you’ll need before we fly. You’ll brief, fly your first sortie, debrief, and do it again. Acrojet uses a building block approach that goes at your pace, but will push you to become a safer, more confident pilot.

At the conclusion of your training,  you will fully understand the reasons why upsets happen, how to prevent them, and how to recover from them should they occur. You will also have further developed your piloting skills of effectively controlling an aircraft during a crisis which puts you in flying conditions outside those of your normal operating envelope.