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It’s time to address the real issue with upset training.

The FAA has proposed a new rule requiring that simulators accurately reflect an aircraft’s handling characteristics up to 10 degrees beyond the stall AOA (Read the full Aviation Week Network article HERE).

While it’s a step forward in recognizing a shortfall in perishable piloting skills, we as a community have a stick and rudder problem, not […]

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Demand for air travel is the highest in 5 years

Tony Tyler, Director General and CEO of IATA said of the results, “Last year’s very strong performance, against a weaker economic backdrop, confirms the strong demand for aviation connectivity. But even as the appetite for air travel increased, consumers benefitted from lower fares compared to 2014.” Find out more.

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Demand for "aviation connectivity" at a five year high. Good news! Not suprisingly, the Asia-Pacific market is leading the surge.

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