More Than Just Fancy Flying: Ever Wonder What the US Air Force Does?

What does the US Air Force do? The answer might surprise you. Sure, there are the well-known missions like flying wicked cool airplanes and dropping bombs on people we don’t like, but what about Nuclear Deterrence, Cyberspace Superiority and Global Integrated ISR? It’s a brave new world, folks, and your United States Air Force […]

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Why Get Upset?!

This is an article written by Acrojet for Contrails Magazine, reproduced here for your reading pleasure! Enjoy!

Why Get Upset?

Unusual attitude training. Upset training. UPRT. What’s the big deal? It’s a fair question. But the better question is: why should you care? The answer is easy: because there’s a good chance it will make […]

The US Air Force Is Short 700 Fighter Pilots. Here’s Our Plan to Fix That.

We all knew the pilot shortage was coming. Now it’s here with serious implications for airlines, the military and business aviation. Let’s be honest, being a professional pilot isn’t what it used to be. Once a well-respected professional, the airline pilot is often seen now as a glorified bus driver, “labor” or not seen […]

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