Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

Why Get Upset?!

This is an article written by Acrojet for Contrails Magazine, reproduced here for your reading pleasure! Enjoy!

Why Get Upset?

Unusual attitude training. Upset training. UPRT. What’s the big deal? It’s a fair question. But the better question is: why should you care? The answer is easy: because there’s a good chance it will make […]

It’s time to address the real issue with upset training.

The FAA has proposed a new rule requiring that simulators accurately reflect an aircraft’s handling characteristics up to 10 degrees beyond the stall AOA (Read the full Aviation Week Network article HERE).

While it’s a step forward in recognizing a shortfall in perishable piloting skills, we as a community have a stick and rudder problem, not […]

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Why Upset Recovery Training Will Make You a Better Pilot

Business Aviation Insider, March/April 2011 (
Upset recovery training (URT) has been a staple of military flight instruction in the United States for decades, but there is now growing awareness that the skills learned in such courses are valuable assets for business pilots as well. In fact, the Federal Aviation Administration has issued an Information […]

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Recognize, Confirm, Recover!

These are the first three steps to bringing an upset aircraft back under control, and something US Air Force pilots-in-training practice each and every time they go out on a contact sortie. The “recognize, confirm, recover” mantra transfers to instrument recoveries as well. Regardless of whether there is a visible horizon or not, the […]

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FAA: Pilot performance questioned in upset recovery training

This article by John Croft was first published on FlightGlobal’s website in October 2009. It is interesting in that it cites a study by the US FAA’s Office of Aviation Medicine which revealed a “large disparity” between how pilots with aerobatic backgrounds perform compared to those with only ground-based simulator experience when recovering an […]

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Welcome to Acrojet!

Acrojet is a flight training company focused on increasing crew, passenger and aircraft safety. We believe that upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) is an important step in that direction, and that every flight department should include realistic, in-aircraft UPRT in their aircrew training plan.

In a 2009 study evaluating upset recovery training devices, the […]

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