In an article published in Aviation Daily this April, John Croft reports that Delta Airlines is the first major airline to use third party upset recovery and prevention training (UPRT) in the wake of accidents caused by loss of control (LOC) such as the Colgan Air accident near Buffalo in 2009. The article states: “The move comes ahead of a March 2019 FAA mandate that will require airlines to provide pilots with UPRT during initial, transition, differences, upgrade, requalification and recurrent training to help counter LOC accidents, which tend to be preceded by an upset”. (Read the entire article here)

The Commercial Aviation Safety Team, or CAST, determined that lack of upset training was a “significant theme” in nine of 18 accidents studied by the government and industry team. Delta plans to send its instructors to a week-long upset training course that includes ground training, simulator and in-aircraft training flights.

The recommendations by CAST and pending FAA UPRT mandate underscore the importance of realistic, regular upset training for professional pilots and any aviator who wants to make sure they have the best and most comprehensive aviation safety training available to them.

Acrojet exists to provide exactly this training. Give us a call to discuss your training requirements and how we can help you and your team get ahead of the UPRT requirements.

Safe flying!