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The US Air Force Is Short 700 Fighter Pilots. Here’s Our Plan to Fix That.

We all knew the pilot shortage was coming. Now it’s here with serious implications for airlines, the military and business aviation. Let’s be honest, being a professional pilot isn’t what it used to be. Once a well-respected professional, the airline pilot is often seen now as a glorified bus driver, “labor” or not seen […]

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What happens when you win the aviation geek lottery?

While the world’s aviation execs were hammering out business deals behind closed doors, everyone else was having fun checking out the planes and the gear.  Coolest aviation geek fodder winners for this year:  A350’s heads-up screens that project data displays onto the cockpit windshield;  a $400k custom F-35 helmet that can see through airplanes; an […]

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Boeing to test non-stick paint to keep jets from icing

Ice-phobic paint, projection lighting that shows gate information or video images of a destination on the walls inside a jet and hybrid electric propulsion are just a few of Boeing’s long-term projects. Read the full article here. (







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Airbus plans cloud-connected black boxes to track jets, prevent disasters

After several recent air disasters that pointed out the shortcomings of current systems for tracking passenger jets, Airbus is planning to install new cloud-based flight recorders that could transmit data in real time. The new technology would replace the so-called black boxes that sometimes fall short in a crisis. Read the article in its entirety here .




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